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Kaberks - Philippine Social Network
Kaberks is one of the first Philippine social networking website that allows you to connect with friends, start making friends or discover new friends and interests. Kaberks allows member to connect to people in their personal networks and community, creating a new online interactive resource that is based on a trusted network of friends and associates on the internet.

Members can use this abundant network to make friends, find their love ones, create blogs or events, search friends, join the forum, chat, and accomplish much more with the help of groups and individuals who they know and share the same interests.

Definition: kaberks (kah-behrks) n. kabarkada; member of the group

The Network

In September of 2004, Technopreneur Mr. Nelson Dizon founded Kaberks; one of the first Philippine based social networking communities on the internet. The site immediately became a hit and has tremendously evolved.

Kaberks was re-designed in 2014, but it will be necessary to turn back the clock years ago in order to explain the growth of this site into what it is today.

Visit Internet Archive: Kaberks! Wayback Machine

On July 01, 2014, Kaberk new interface and Mobile Apps were officially launched together with the Team Kaberks (bones, bogski, free_mind, djricky, jap, ronald, mario, carlo, kim, fahad, mike, shai, anton & my son jade) the old and the new platforms were merged and branded to become the famous

How does Kaberks work?

Once members are registered with Kaberks, they will be able to invite people they know to join their personal or professional network. A member's friends will come to Kaberks and invite their friends. As the network grows, members will have more opportunities to interact easily with people they know, make friends, and use the Kaberks! network to enrich their social life.

What does this all cost?

Kaberks membership is completely FREE. Yes, members will always be able to join and maintain a profile for free at Kaberks. Why? Well, we're connecting friends here at Kaberks. And we want all our members to know where we're coming from.

Powerful Ways to Connect

Over the next few months, we'll be launching all sorts of features that the world has never seen before! Yup, we are presently working on our groups, classifieds, bulletins, games, mp3 and more. So stay tuned!

Partner Solutions

If you're an Internet business interested in partnering with Kaberks, drop us a line thru email [email protected] or send us snail mail at:

c/o MyIntellects - IT Business Solutions
1226 Mac Arthur Hiway, Ninoy Aquino
Angeles City 2009

Sponsorship Inquiries

To suggest a marketing sponsorship, email [email protected] Generally, we don't have budget to do traditional sponsorships, but we are always interested in figuring out how we can help others and spread "Kaberks" word at the same time.

Donate/Sponsor To Keep Kaberks Growing...

Donations and banner ads help keep Kaberks going. However, each photos, signups takes disk space and bandwidth, plus, we need to buy a round of drinks every once-in-a-while as well. ;-)

Help keep Kaberks! running, donate/sponsor Today thru PayPal just click the donate button below.

We will be forever grateful!